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The National Democratic Movement

Press Releases

Official statements issued from the NDM to newspapers and various media, giving our stance on particular issues.

Passing of Captain Horace Burrell, JFF President

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Passing of Captain Horace Burrell, JFF President

On the news of the passing of The President of the JFF, Captain Horace Burrell, yesterday, the National Democratic Movement has extended condolence to his family and close friends and lauded his sterling contribution to football locally, regionally and internationally. NDM President Peter Townsend said that Captain Burrell’s commitment and hard work in nation building through business and sports made him more than special to the people of Jamaica. He hailed him as an outstanding son of Jamaica whose life of service has assisted in placing Jamaica in on the world map, particularly with our crowning moment in football when the Reggae Boyz made it to the World Cup of Football in 1998. Contact: Peter Townsend President...

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The NDM Income Tax Proposal

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on The NDM Income Tax Proposal

The National Democratic Movement wish to clarify a report made in the Jamaica Observer today [22 February 2016] inaccurately suggesting that the President of the NDM, Mr Peter Townsend endorses the Income Tax reduction proposal of the JLP. The Observer headline today is misleading. Contrary to what the headline of the story suggested, THE NDM DOES NOT SUPPORT THE JLP PROPOSAL IN THE FORMAT PRESENTED. The NDM welcomes any proposal that will ease the severe pressure on the overtaxed workers in the country. Since 1999 the NDM have been advocating a 5% annual reduction of the 25% Income Tax now being paid by Jamaican citizens and persons working and paying taxes in Jamaica. Other countries, e.g. Cayman and Antigua, adopt income tax free regimes [no income tax policies]. In 1992 the then government introduced the General Consumption Tax [GCT]. GCT is a more equitable tax and the NDM believes that tax payers should not be asked to pay both taxes. We ask the Media and the Jamaica Observer to allow the NDM to clarify this income tax issue. Contact Peter Townsend President 863 1769 / 318...

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A National Debate Should Be Held

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on A National Debate Should Be Held

The National Democratic Movement has noted the PNP’s decision to withdraw from the National Debates. The NDM believes this is a national insult to the people of Jamaica. None of the many campaign advertisements by both the PNP and the JLP has addressed adequately the many national issues that Jamaicans need to be informed about. Some of these issues are: Jamaica is now under producing. How to increase production? Jobs are severely lacking, especially for young people. How to create jobs? The economy is struggling to barely produce 1% growth. How to increase growth? The people of Jamaica have never been more unsecure. How to improve security? The Health Services are in a deplorable condition. How to improve the health sector? The Education system, especially Early Childhood is under performing. How to improve Education? The National Water system is delivering much less than adequate water. How to improve water distribution? This is NOT the time for the PNP to refuse to address these national issues in a National Debate, to inform and present to the people a better future. The people of Jamaica are being offered more of the same and that is unacceptable. The NDM is willing to replace the PNP in the debate, participate and present our many concrete and precise plans to create the best options and opportunities for all Jamaicans. Contact: Peter Townsend President 863 1769 / 318...

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Time To End Gun and Garrison Party Politics

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Time To End Gun and Garrison Party Politics

The National Democratic Movement regrets the senseless loss of lives as a result of tribal, garrison and gun-style politics which again reared its ugly head in Montego Bay last night at the JLP mass meeting. The NDM reminds the people that it was just a few months ago that a PNP MP made comments which could have inflamed politically motivated violence in the said western end of the island and the recent allegations of political motivation surrounding Dr,. Ramoth Notice in St. Catherine. For far too long, the people of Jamaica have put up with the two tribal parties which subscribe to ‘garrison politics’ with its violent consequences and it is full time that we collectively reject that culture once and for all. The business community and Jamaicans in general, must realize by now that supporting and donating funds to the PNP and the JLP will can lead to an indirect support of criminality in our politics and generally in our country even outside of the election cycle. While they “fight one another, for the power and the glory, the kingdom (Jamaica) goes to waste.” Contact: Peter Townsend NDM President 863 1769 / 318...

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Put The Caribbean Court Of Justice On The 2016 Ballot

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Put The Caribbean Court Of Justice On The 2016 Ballot

The National Democratic Movement is again calling on the PNP to put the Caribbean Court of Justice – ‘Yes / No’ question to the people of Jamaica in a plebiscite [a vote by a whole electorate to decide a question of importance] The ideal time for such a question is now and it would only cost the amount to print additional ballots. The NDM believes that the PNP can use this opportunity to demonstrate that they believe that the peoples’ opinion is valuable; also it would be a clear indication that they [the PNP] support their talk that the people of Jamaica is their paramount concern. Contact: Michael Williams Chairman 995...

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Jamaica Needs a Future of Hope

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Jamaica Needs a Future of Hope

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) laments the calling of a General Election eleven months before it is constitutionally due, without there being a national disaster or crisis. This is the clearest indication yet, that the Portia Simpson-Miller’s PNP administration, after four years (4yrs.) in office, cannot face the people after the next Budget is presented. Hence, the governing party is attempting to trick the people into giving them another term in office, without telling us the truth of the hardships which will be unleashed upon the backs of the poor and middle classes. The NDM is of the view that the last four years of following the IMF orders slavishly, like a headman on a slave estate, administrating lashes on a poor defenseless people, devaluing our dollar to a precipitously low level; demanding more production while making food, healthcare and social services become less accessible to the people of Jamaica has not solved Jamaica’s problems. The NDM again calls on the people of Jamaica to demand that the following issues be placed on the table in the upcoming general election: [1] When will Tax & Pension Reforms be implemented and how many public sector workers will be laid off after the General Elections now called? [2] Fixed Date for Elections and Separate Ballots for Prime Minister and members of Parliament. [3] Members of Parliament must serve the people who elect them and make good laws rather than appointments to Cabinet. [4] Abolish Personal Income Tax (PAYE) and have one equitable GCT Tax System [5] Focus on the young by facilitating permanent jobs for the main categories of High School and University Graduates [6] Fix National Security and Justice with adequate resources and training for the Police, the Judiciary and implementing a National ID System. [7] Fix the Health Sector by simply upgrading the hospitals and making available proper health services by introducing an Ability-to-Pay Basis System. [8] Fix the Education System by refocusing on Early Childhood Education by bringing it within the Formal Education System. [9] Dismantle the garrison structure in constituencies (which represents approximately twenty five % [25] of the voters). [10] Create the structure and environment for a fully transparent government and creating the foundation for a real Sovereign People. The NDM believes that the People of Jamaica must demand Real Systemic Change. The NDM also believes that both the JLP and the PNP have dug Jamaica into the economic hole in which we have found ourselves and are continuing the same old and unproductive policies directed by the IMF and others. We have for the past seventy two (72) years been swapping one set of failed party policies for another set of failed party policies and is of the view that it is mainly some in the Jamaican private sector and other special interests, who fund the old status quo politics, that get most of the benefits from the present system of poor governance. Contact: Peter Townsend President 318 4802 / 863...

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Fixed Election date – Part of NDM’s Reform Agenda for Jamaica

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Fixed Election date – Part of NDM’s Reform Agenda for Jamaica

The NDM is heartened by the latest Don Anderson opinion poll which revealed that approximately 80% of the Jamaican people are supportive to the idea of a fixed election date, which is a core policy position of the Movement for the past 20 years of its existence and is taking the opportunity to reiterate its call for Constitutional Reform. The key pillars of the NDM’s Reform Agenda are: (1) Strict separation of Powers (of the three arms of government: The Executive (Cabinet); the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (the Court/Legal system); (2) Fixed Election Date; (3) Term Limit (two terms per Prime Minister). The NDM has also been calling for the dismantling of political garrisons and for changes to our political culture which touch and concern governance and order. In a recent TVJ’s Prime Time News report (on 26/01/2016) one of their reporters accredited the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) with the proposal for a fixed date election system in Jamaica. The NDM is not claiming to be the owner or author of any concept or having a monopoly on any good idea, but just wishes to set the record straight regarding a proposal which it has vigorously advocated and is now being accredited to another organization which had opposed the idea and seems to be only just coming on board out of political expediency. It welcomes the JLP coming on board, to help with its efforts to push for this important change and wished the party (JLP) had helped to bring about the change when they were in office between 2007 and 2011). Contact: Peter Townsend...

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A Quiet Storm Brewing

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on A Quiet Storm Brewing

It’s time for rebirth in Jamaica; it’s time to reignite Jamaica; it’s time to grow our economy; it’s time to bring young people to the front of the Nation’s Agenda and the best way is in the New Leadership with the NDM. Jamaica, it is indeed happening, the NDM has in place New Leadership, inspiring and strong candidates to contest the next general election. To many, this may come as a surprise but should be very welcomed to all. The NDM has just become the best thing for Jamaica, now and in the future. The NDM has created National Plans to address all sectors of the Jamaican society. With our plans, the NDM will be implementing all the ideals, policies and programs within our Core Principles. We consider the commitment to Open and Transparent governance as the most important statement of undertaken by the Movement. Other commitments include but are NOT LIMITED to plans for National Security: Plans to fix the Health care crisis: Plans for Education, especially early childhood: Plans for Job Creation, specially tailored to young and young-at-heart: Plans for Development: Plans for Opportunity, to eradicate poverty: Plans to fix Justice: Plans for a National ID Program: Plans for Infrastructural Improvement: Plans for Energy, to include technology, the environment and global warming. The new NDM leadership plan is to begin the process to make Jamaica the best country in the region and the world. This new leadership intends to take Jamaica to first world standards. This will be understood when our National Plans are examined in detail. At that time the financial resources to execute the NDM plans in stages, will be presented. Under our new leadership, we propose a fundamental tax reform whereby we will: Eliminate income tax – employees will have more disposable income; Reduce corporate tax Reduce GCT over time, to its original proposal. Education tax will be at a realistic percentage to fund the process for needy Jamaicans from prenatal to tertiary level; Healthcare tax will fund a national healthcare system to enable needy Jamaicans access to service and facilities with the introduction of ability to pay. Increase the minimum wage to an amount equivalent to our cost of living index. Under the NDM new leadership, Jamaica’s pay scale will be the same or similar to international standards or those of similar counterpart in the USA. For example: Public Sector workers; teachers; health care workers; police and military personnel; fire fighters; remuneration will be adjusted upwards. The question that will be on many people’s mind is why hasn’t the NDM gone public or better yet started campaigning? The answer is, we only make commitments after we are positive that the NDM plans are sound and workable in Jamaica. We are developing our platform with workable solutions and we encourage all Jamaicans to “come into the light” by joining us in the rebirth, for a better Jamaica. Contact: Michael Williams Chairman 995...

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“Badman” Politics Has No place in Jamaica’s Present or Future

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on “Badman” Politics Has No place in Jamaica’s Present or Future

The National Democratic Movement is concerned, disappointed and dismayed by the utterances of the young, inexperienced and clearly naïve Westmoreland Central Member of Parliament [MP] who seem to be ready to make a “badman” name of himself. The Westmoreland young MP may not realize that he was being taped, now acknowledges and confirms what the NDM and all Jamaica has known for decades; that the tribal, garrison type gun violence is alive and very well within the system and the PNP continues to use it whenever it suites them. So eager he was to declare that he is now baptized and is totally immersed in the tribal system that he draws on the gun lyrics that seem to be popular among PNP supporters. So, he draws on a well know gun song that glorifies gun violence. Gun violence is now typical of the politics in Westmoreland Central, now making Westmoreland one of the most violent parishes in Jamaica today. The young MP, wanted to demonstrate how truly fully orientated he is in PNP “badman” politics; wanting so much to impress the elder dinosaurs among the platform speakers and to bring the crowd to a frenzy, made his infamous “badman” announcement that supporters among the crown must to get the “gu” The NDM declares that we and all Jamaica are tired of that type of political talk on or off the platform. How can that talk educate, uplift and bring mental, social or material benefits to the Jamaican people. Every day it is as clear as light that the darkness of divisive politics cannot and will not help Jamaica but continue to drag us deeper into the wilderness of despair into which the tribal agenda has taken us. All Jamaica MUST IMMEDIATELY REJECT that direction. PNP and JLP must STOP and turn from the path of destruction to path of the NDM … HOPE *OPPORTUNITY * DEVELOPMENT * PROGRESS. Contact: Michael Williams Chairman 995...

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Postponement of General Elections for 2015/Fixed Election Dates

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Postponement of General Elections for 2015/Fixed Election Dates

In light of yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller to call off plans by the Peoples National Party to hold General Elections this year, the National Democratic Movement has renewed its call for a fixed date for Local Government and General Elections, as the uncertainty created by the current system is costly and inimical to the country’s growth and development. The NDM lamented the unnecessary burden which was imposed upon the Electoral Office and the Police to prepare for elections, after being signaled by the Portia Simpson Miller led government to be ready for an early election, only to see the government backpedaling on that decision, likely, out of a fear of defeat. This has resulted in a strain and waste of human and scarce financial resources being required to be mentally, physically and financially on alert. Now that the election have been postponed, time and energy has been squandered and will have to be required again at additional costs to poor tax payers next year when the elections will be eventually called. The Movement said that this “false started” to an election was an irresponsible and expedient act which placed selfish PNP party interests above the country’s best interests and called upon the business community to withhold funding from the next PNP campaign rather than contribute finically to such an abuse of the political system and the people of Jamaica. The NDM was formed 20 years ago on a platform, which advocates for Constitutional Reforms that includes among its core policies, Fixed Election Dates, Term Limits, Direct election of Prime Ministers and separate ballots for Members of Parliament and the dismantling of garrison politics among many others. Contact: Peter Townsend President...

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