The National Democratic Movement has been a political party for sixteen years and we have been in the forefront in advocating for fundamental changes to Jamaica’s political system to give our country the necessary breathing space to move forward.

We believe in the Jamaican people, in their inherent goodwill and in their capacity to achieve great things. We believe that the vast majority of Jamaicans yearn for a peaceful and stable society in which they can improve their lives through their own hard work. We believe that, with the appropriate changes, the Jamaican people are prepared to renew their faith in the institutions of government and those whom they entrust with the responsibilities of government.

Time is running out, but it is still not too late. We are a tough, resilient people. If we were not we would not have survived this long. But there is a limit to our endurance and we must act now before we reach a point of no return. We are still capable of great things. So often we have demonstrated our amazing prowess as a people. Our phenomenal success in sports and music and the outstanding achievements of Jamaicans all over the world are testimony to what we are capable of.

We are Jamaicans – Together, we can work it out!