The National Democratic Movement has noted the PNP’s decision to withdraw from the National Debates.

The NDM believes this is a national insult to the people of Jamaica.

None of the many campaign advertisements by both the PNP and the JLP has addressed adequately the many national issues that Jamaicans need to be informed about.
Some of these issues are:

  • Jamaica is now under producing. How to increase production?
  • Jobs are severely lacking, especially for young people. How to create jobs?
  • The economy is struggling to barely produce 1% growth. How to increase growth?
  • The people of Jamaica have never been more unsecure. How to improve security?
  • The Health Services are in a deplorable condition. How to improve the health sector?
  • The Education system, especially Early Childhood is under performing. How to improve Education?
  • The National Water system is delivering much less than adequate water. How to improve water distribution?

This is NOT the time for the PNP to refuse to address these national issues in a National Debate, to inform and present to the people a better future.

The people of Jamaica are being offered more of the same and that is unacceptable.

The NDM is willing to replace the PNP in the debate, participate and present our many concrete and precise plans to create the best options and opportunities for all Jamaicans.

Peter Townsend
863 1769 / 318 4802