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The National Democratic Movement

Press Release On Bunting’s Outburst

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Press Release On Bunting’s Outburst

In light of recent remarks by the National Security Minister Peter Bunting, the NDM has issued the following release: The NDM would like answers to the following simple questions: Is National Security Minister Bunting suffering a meltdown or mental fatigue? His wild, angry, emotional outburst over the weekend, as he lashed out at the Opposition Spokesman for his ministry, would suggest that all may not be well with him. Or is his tasteless, inappropriate rant and rave mere arrogance as is typical of the ‘duty politricks’ normally used by desperate tribal gang members? Is he overwhelmed by the rigor, stress and challenges involved in running such a serious portfolio? Is shooting the messenger a good strategy at crime-fighting or should he and his administration focus on solutions to the country’s spiralling crime problem, particularly on the heel of recent...

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NDM wants questions answered on PNP NE St Ann Controversy

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on NDM wants questions answered on PNP NE St Ann Controversy

The National Democratic Movement is calling on the MP for St. Ann North Eastern to be more open and transparent with the Jamaican people on recent developments in her constituency. The NDM is asking whether or not there is any link between the reported withdrawal of support of an influential PNP “Top Man” in the constituency from the embattled Member of Parliament and the reported blockade of a recorded interview of the said PNP “Top Man” by veteran journalist Cliff Hughes’ current affairs programme “Impact”. The Movement also said that it would like to know if there is any connection between the information likely to be revealed in the recorded and the reported visitation (or was it a raid?) on Miss Hanna’s Constituency office by the Office of Contractor General (OCG) earlier this week – as reported in the...

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No Reduction of Powers of INDECOM

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on No Reduction of Powers of INDECOM

In light of recent comments by DPP Paula Llewellyn, National Security Minister Peter Bunting and Justice Minister Mark Golding, the National Democratic Movement (NDM) has reiterated that, the Independent Commission for Investigations (INDECOM), as a creature of Parliament does not need any oversight body as it reports to and is accountable to Parliament which should oversee it. Speaking at a NDM Members’ meeting on Saturday May 30, 2015, NDM President Peter Townsend voiced his concern about what seems to be plans to weaken the powers given to INDECOM by Parliament which would render the organization ineffective, subject to direct and indirect political influence and hence defeat the original purpose for which it was established. “Instead of reducing the powers of the INDECOM the government should be taking the necessary steps for the Commissioner of Police to be appointed in...

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NDM calls for smaller increases in Passport Fees

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on NDM calls for smaller increases in Passport Fees

In response to the massive increase in the prices of passports (as high as 48%), the National Democratic Movement is calling on the government and the PICA to either reduce the rate of the increases or extend the effective date for the increases to the end of June 2015. The NDM is of the view that the levels of the increase is, as it typical of our government, unconscionable and unreasonable and has also voiced its objection to the manner which the Passport Office has been handling the public in the wake of the increased demand for passports since this week. The Movement is asking the citizens of Jamaica how long will they continue to tolerate the imposition of exorbitant taxes upon the people (as in the case of property taxes (which was increased by over 150% and traffic...

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Let the People Decide

Posted by on May 14, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Let the People Decide

The National Democratic Movements appeals to all Members of Parliament and Senators to vote to “Let the People Decide” on the issue of the Caribbean Court of Appeal (CCJ) The NDM believes that this important issue on the system of Justice for the People of Jamaica; that decision must be decided by the people. The NDM does not believe it is right or proper that such an important issue should be decided by 63 Members of Parliament and 21 Senators. The NDM is appealing to all the MPs to put their thrust in the wisdom of the people and “Let the People Decide” on the Caribbean Court of Justice. Contact: Michael Williams Chairman 995...

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