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The National Democratic Movement

A Crisis in Our Public Health Service

Posted by on Jan 10, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on A Crisis in Our Public Health Service

The President of the National Democratic Movement, Peter Townsend is describing the present situation in the Public Health Service “A Crisis” and calls on the Prime Minister Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller to immediately declare a National Emergency for the country’s Public Health Service. The NDM President declared that the present PNP government has performed badly and says that where the government has let down the people most … and the most urgent in need of attention is in OUR PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE! They (the government) are all living the good life at our expense while the country is sick. A country without a health service is a sick country and Jamaica is sick, very sick. A sick people cannot produce and if we are not productive we cannot grow our economy and will remain poor and destitute. The President...

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Reduce Prices for All Gas Products

Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Reduce Prices for All Gas Products

The National Democratic Movement is again calling on the Government to pass on the significant savings on the massive reduction in the world market price of oil, to the people of Jamaica. The NDM has taken careful note of Minister Paulwell’s recent outburst in his failed attempts to blame the petrol marketing companies for the full savings not passed to the people, while knowing the truth – i.e., it is PetroJam that has been keeping most of the savings. When the price of US $70.00 per barrel for oil existed in September 2007, diesel fuel was being sold for J$40.00 per litre. Now oil price is down to about US$60.00 per barrel yet the price of diesel fuel is averaging J$127.00 per litre. The international reduction is nearly 45% but locally we are seeing only a 20% reduction in...

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Conduct of PM in NHT Board Saga

Posted by on Dec 7, 2014 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Conduct of PM in NHT Board Saga

Has Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller shamed Jamaica? The National Democratic Movement (NDM) notes with much consternation the response of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to calls for the dismissal of the beleaguered board of the National Housing Trust arising from the purchase of the Outameni property in Trelawny. The NDM feels that Jamaicans have been insulted and disrespected by the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint more persons to the said controversial board without any explanation to the people to justify her action. The NDM is of the view that the Prime Minister, and by extension the People’s National Party, are prepared to put their personal egos and selfish agendas above the national good. “What is good for Jamaica” is subordinate to “what is good for the party and to the individuals in the party”; thus putting Jamaica last....

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Deception in Parliament

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Press Releases | Comments Off on Deception in Parliament

The National Democratic Movement is shocked, flabbergasted and dismayed that our Prime Minister in Parliament yesterday (11/11/14) misled the members of the House about the purchase of “Outameni”. The PM said that was the information she was given. Prime Minister Simpson-Miller said that the information she presented was what she was advised of, which means she could only have been misled by one of her close confidants. The NDM would like to know whose interests were foremost in the minds of those who gave the PM wrong information about the “Outameni” purchase with NHT funds. The NDM further wants to know: What are the unknown details in the Outamani deal? Who misled the PM? What was really bought and for how much? Why was the PM advised so late after the deal was done? Who benefited the most from...

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PetroJam – Don’t Increase Fuel Prices Again

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Press Releases | Comments Off on PetroJam – Don’t Increase Fuel Prices Again

The National Democratic Movement is calling on PetroJam NOT to increase the price of fuels again. Last week the prices were increased despite the facts. Fuel prices have been decreasing worldwide for the last six weeks The Jamaican & US dollars have been stable (remained low) for the last 7 weeks. Last week’s increase by PetroJam was dishonest, unreasonable, uncaring and with total disregard for the present suffering that the Jamaica people has been experiencing over the period of the current IMF agreement. For PetroJam to increase fuel prices last week was an unscrupulous act. One again the NDM is calling for a public audit of PetroJam and their rapacious pricing system. Contact Michael Williams Chairman 995...

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The Passing of Reggae Star John Holt

Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in Press Releases | Comments Off on The Passing of Reggae Star John Holt

October 20, 2014 The National Democratic Movement has expressed sadness and regrets on the passing of legendary Reggae singer John Holt, who died earlier today. The NDM hailed John Holt as one of the top Reggae singers of the 70s and early 80s, as lead singer for the chart topping group ‘The Paragons’ and as a solo recording and performing artiste, who has contributed significantly towards the enrichment of Jamaica’s musical heritage. In extending condolences to the family of John Holt, the movement said that the musical icon would be sadly missed and will be forever remembered for his many big hits and great on stage performances. Contact: Peter Townsend President 318...

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