The National Democratic Movement is surprised, disappointed and concerned that Acting Commissioner Novelette Grant was not confirmed as Commissioner of Police.

The secretive interview process conducted by the Police Services Commission and the selective and subjective way the assessment was done provided little confidence in the process from the NDM point of view.

The official announcement, made by the Minister of National Security provides little confidence that Commissioner Quallo will break from the norm but will proceed as usual, reporting to a political appointee instead of to Parliament as the NDM constantly proposes. This new reporting procedure would free Commissioner Quallo to act independently. Similar to INDECOM and the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, to name a few.  

The NDM wishes to remind Jamaicans that the new Commissioner cannot be restrained by normal practice if he is to succeed. He must be willing to speak out and demand from the Government adequate resources to fix the crime problem in Jamaica.  These are the main needs of the Police:

1. A larger budget to employ more police personnel. The current staff orders is over 20 years old       
2. More training for a higher educational recruitment process in both Intelligence and Forensics.
3. More and better equipment ….. and last but not the least …
4. Ridding the country of the 2 main gangs affiliated to both the JLPNP… One Order and Klansman. Those 2 gangs are responsible for much of the guns, murders, scams and illegal activity in the country.

The NDM again calls on the Government to untie the hands of new Commissioner Quallo, stop the lip service support to the Police and give them all the tools needed to protect the people of Jamaica. Only if these things are done will Commissioner Quallo be successful and be deserving of all the accolades. 

Michael Williams
995 5912