In light of yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller to call off plans by the Peoples National Party to hold General Elections this year, the National Democratic Movement has renewed its call for a fixed date for Local Government and General Elections, as the uncertainty created by the current system is costly and inimical to the country’s growth and development.
The NDM lamented the unnecessary burden which was imposed upon the Electoral Office and the Police to prepare for elections, after being signaled by the Portia Simpson Miller led government to be ready for an early election, only to see the government backpedaling on that decision, likely, out of a fear of defeat. This has resulted in a strain and waste of human and scarce financial resources being required to be mentally, physically and financially on alert. Now that the election have been postponed, time and energy has been squandered and will have to be required again at additional costs to poor tax payers next year when the elections will be eventually called.
The Movement said that this “false started” to an election was an irresponsible and expedient act which placed selfish PNP party interests above the country’s best interests and called upon the business community to withhold funding from the next PNP campaign rather than contribute finically to such an abuse of the political system and the people of Jamaica.
The NDM was formed 20 years ago on a platform, which advocates for Constitutional Reforms that includes among its core policies, Fixed Election Dates, Term Limits, Direct election of Prime Ministers and separate ballots for Members of Parliament and the dismantling of garrison politics among many others.
Peter Townsend