The National Democratic Movement wish to clarify a report made in the Jamaica Observer today [22 February 2016] inaccurately suggesting that the President of the NDM, Mr Peter Townsend endorses the Income Tax reduction proposal of the JLP.

The Observer headline today is misleading.

Contrary to what the headline of the story suggested, THE NDM DOES NOT SUPPORT THE JLP PROPOSAL IN THE FORMAT PRESENTED.

The NDM welcomes any proposal that will ease the severe pressure on the overtaxed workers in the country. Since 1999 the NDM have been advocating a 5% annual reduction of the 25% Income Tax now being paid by Jamaican citizens and persons working and paying taxes in Jamaica.

Other countries, e.g. Cayman and Antigua, adopt income tax free regimes [no income tax policies]. In 1992 the then government introduced the General Consumption Tax [GCT]. GCT is a more equitable tax and the NDM believes that tax payers should not be asked to pay both taxes.

We ask the Media and the Jamaica Observer to allow the NDM to clarify this income tax issue.


Peter Townsend


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