The National Democratic Movement regrets the senseless loss of lives as a result of tribal, garrison and gun-style politics which again reared its ugly head in Montego Bay last night at the JLP mass meeting.
The NDM reminds the people that it was just a few months ago that a PNP MP made comments which could have inflamed politically motivated violence in the said western end of the island and the recent allegations of political motivation surrounding Dr,. Ramoth Notice in St. Catherine.
For far too long, the people of Jamaica have put up with the two tribal parties which subscribe to ‘garrison politics’ with its violent consequences and it is full time that we collectively reject that culture once and for all.
The business community and Jamaicans in general, must realize by now that supporting and donating funds to the PNP and the JLP will can lead to an indirect support of criminality in our politics and generally in our country even outside of the election cycle. While they “fight one another, for the power and the glory, the kingdom (Jamaica) goes to waste.”
Peter Townsend
NDM President
863 1769 / 318 4802