It is with profound sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Joan
Elizabeth Belcher, a distinguished foundation member of the National
Democratic Movement (NDM). Joan’s unwavering dedication to our
Movement, her steadfast commitment to our principles, and her
enduring love for Jamaica have left an indelible mark on all who knew

Joan was not just a member of the NDM; she was a pillar of strength and
a beacon of integrity within our organization. From the inception of the NDM in 1995, she
embraced our cause with an enthusiasm, energy and determination that inspired everyone
around her. Her belief in the principles and policies of the NDM was matched only by her
tireless efforts to advance our mission. She was pleasant, down to earth and could relate
to and connect with regular everyday people.

In her roles as Executive Committee Member and Trustee, Joan exhibited unparalleled
leadership and commitment. Her contributions in these roles, through all our leadership
changes over the years were instrumental in helping to shape the NDM’s path and to
solidify its presence on the political landscape of Jamaica.

Joan’s patriotism was evident in everything she did. She loved Jamaica deeply and worked
passionately to create a better future for all its citizens. Her dedication to the NDM
extended far beyond typical expectations; she was always present, always ready to lend
her support, and always committed to the cause. Her forward-thinking approach was
highlighted by her foresight in paying her NDM Membership dues up until the year 2030, a
testament to her enduring commitment and belief in the NDM’s vision.

As we mourn the loss of Joan Elizabeth Belcher, we also celebrate her remarkable life and
the countless contributions she made to our movement and our country. Her legacy of
service, integrity, and patriotism will continue to inspire us and guide the NDM for years to

We, the Executive and Membership of the National Democratic Movement, extend our
deepest condolences to her family, friends, and all who were fortunate to know her. Joan’s
spirit will forever remain a part of the NDM, and her memory will continue to inspire us as
we strive to fulfill the vision she so passionately believed in.

Rest in peace, Joan. Your contributions and dedication will never be forgotten.

Peter A Townsend,
President, National Democratic Movement (NDM)
May 2024