Category: Press Releases

  • Passing of Captain Horace Burrell, JFF President

    On the news of the passing of The President of the JFF, Captain Horace Burrell, yesterday, the National Democratic Movement has extended condolence to his family and close friends and lauded his sterling contribution to football locally, regionally and internationally. NDM President Peter Townsend said that Captain Burrell’s commitment and hard work in nation building […]

  • The NDM Income Tax Proposal

    The National Democratic Movement wish to clarify a report made in the Jamaica Observer today [22 February 2016] inaccurately suggesting that the President of the NDM, Mr Peter Townsend endorses the Income Tax reduction proposal of the JLP. The Observer headline today is misleading. Contrary to what the headline of the story suggested, THE NDM […]

  • A National Debate Should Be Held

    The National Democratic Movement has noted the PNP’s decision to withdraw from the National Debates. The NDM believes this is a national insult to the people of Jamaica. None of the many campaign advertisements by both the PNP and the JLP has addressed adequately the many national issues that Jamaicans need to be informed about. […]

  • Time To End Gun and Garrison Party Politics

    The National Democratic Movement regrets the senseless loss of lives as a result of tribal, garrison and gun-style politics which again reared its ugly head in Montego Bay last night at the JLP mass meeting. The NDM reminds the people that it was just a few months ago that a PNP MP made comments which […]

  • Put The Caribbean Court Of Justice On The 2016 Ballot

    The National Democratic Movement is again calling on the PNP to put the Caribbean Court of Justice – ‘Yes / No’ question to the people of Jamaica in a plebiscite [a vote by a whole electorate to decide a question of importance] The ideal time for such a question is now and it would only […]

  • Jamaica Needs a Future of Hope

    The National Democratic Movement (NDM) laments the calling of a General Election eleven months before it is constitutionally due, without there being a national disaster or crisis. This is the clearest indication yet, that the Portia Simpson-Miller’s PNP administration, after four years (4yrs.) in office, cannot face the people after the next Budget is presented. […]

  • Fixed Election date – Part of NDM’s Reform Agenda for Jamaica

    The NDM is heartened by the latest Don Anderson opinion poll which revealed that approximately 80% of the Jamaican people are supportive to the idea of a fixed election date, which is a core policy position of the Movement for the past 20 years of its existence and is taking the opportunity to reiterate its […]

  • A Quiet Storm Brewing

    It’s time for rebirth in Jamaica; it’s time to reignite Jamaica; it’s time to grow our economy; it’s time to bring young people to the front of the Nation’s Agenda and the best way is in the New Leadership with the NDM. Jamaica, it is indeed happening, the NDM has in place New Leadership, inspiring […]

  • “Badman” Politics Has No place in Jamaica’s Present or Future

    The National Democratic Movement is concerned, disappointed and dismayed by the utterances of the young, inexperienced and clearly naïve Westmoreland Central Member of Parliament [MP] who seem to be ready to make a “badman” name of himself. The Westmoreland young MP may not realize that he was being taped, now acknowledges and confirms what the […]

  • Postponement of General Elections for 2015/Fixed Election Dates

    In light of yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller to call off plans by the Peoples National Party to hold General Elections this year, the National Democratic Movement has renewed its call for a fixed date for Local Government and General Elections, as the uncertainty created by the current system is costly and inimical […]