Dear Friends,

Step in the Light and Step into a Brighter Future for Our Nation…..Change doesn’t happen by accident.

We’ve only ever achieved change because people cared enough to take action. We can together achieve greater things through the strength of character to fight through the setbacks along the way.

Progress takes great organizers. Chip in to support this work. The mission of THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT (NDM) is to cultivate the next generation of great progressive leaders.

This is bigger than just one person, or one cause. When you invest in the NDM, you’re investing in the future of a Jamaica via a progressive movement. We are willing help you take on the old, outdated status quo and lead the fight for social justice, equal rights, and expanding opportunity.

With your help, we can show the old corrupt order that ordinary people can accomplish extra-ordinary things. Be part of this — chip in today by donating to Our “Pocket Change For Real Change” Campaign.. Can you make a one-off or monthly recurring donation to help support this movement?

JA$200 – $300; J$500-$1000 OR US$2.00-$3.00-$5.00-$10.00/month at www. or through our Beacon Trust account #654817, at Scotiabank Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston., Jamaica WI.