The President of the National Democratic Movement, Peter Townsend is describing the present situation in the Public Health Service “A Crisis” and calls on the Prime Minister Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller to immediately declare a National Emergency for the country’s Public Health Service.

The NDM President declared that the present PNP government has performed badly and says that where the government has let down the people most … and the most urgent in need of attention is in OUR PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE!

They (the government) are all living the good life at our expense while the country is sick. A country without a health service is a sick country and Jamaica is sick, very sick. A sick people cannot produce and if we are not productive we cannot grow our economy and will remain poor and destitute.

The President of the Medical Doctors Association called the present health situation a “National Emergency”, which is as a result of a self-serving and careless government and an IMF agreement that gave no consideration for the well being of the Jamaican people.

The NDM proposed and again recommend, the reforming of the health service to make good service available to ALL JAMAICANS and by implement the “ABILITY TO PAY POLICY” in all public health facilities island-wide.

By implementing this policy, access to good health service will be available to all citizens and those who can pay must be required to pay based on their ability to do so.

The funds to immediately implement this policy should be taken from the estimated 12 billion dollars earned by Petro Jam from their overpricing of petroleum products since the oil price reduction started.

The NDM President calls on all Jamaicans to pressure the government to fix the health service NOW!

The NDM calls on the PSOJ, Teachers Association, Police Associations, The Media, NDM, PNP, JLP, other parties members and all other vocal people, to lend their voices to make the health service better.

The NDM President also called on the Prime Minister to remove the inept Minister of Health who already demonstrated his incompetence in dealing with the Chikungunya virus.

The NDM President wants to remind all Jamaicans that Jamaica’s Parliamentarians have given themselves local and overseas HEALTH CARE PAID FOR BY THE TAXES WE ALL PAY which means they are paid to be healthy while they mismanage our Public Health Service, leaving most of us to be sick and dying.

The NDM sincerely hopes the Prime Minister will act properly without being forced by people pressure.



NDM President

Contact: 318 4802