15 October 2014
National Democratic Movement is very concerned that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are using the serious crisis of the Chikungunya outbreak in Jamaica to continue the distribution of scarce funds to Members of Parliament. Under the guise of cleaning up Jamaica, most MP’s may do what they do best! Waste, squander and corruptly spend the money through the political organizations and at the end of the spending spree very little drains, gullies, swamp and dump areas will be cleaned.

A few months after the expenditure is complete and pockets have been lined, Jamaica may be likely to still be as filthy as it is now. Will another $126 million dollars be down the drain?

The NDM is calling on the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to immediately change the program! Call out the Army, the Police, the Bauxite Companies, China Harbour and all companies and individuals to provide/donate trucks, equipment and funds and mobilize all Jamaicans for one week of a massive cleanup exercise.

Prime Minister and Opposition Leader, only a meaningful national program with all Jamaicans will get the required cleanup job done. Ever man woman and child should be involved.

If you both fail to implement such a national program the all Jamaicans will know the truth that none of you really love Jamaica.

Michael Williams
995 5912