The National Democratic Movement is concerned, disappointed and dismayed by the utterances of the young, inexperienced and clearly naïve Westmoreland Central Member of Parliament [MP] who seem to be ready to make a “badman” name of himself.
The Westmoreland young MP may not realize that he was being taped, now acknowledges and confirms what the NDM and all Jamaica has known for decades; that the tribal, garrison type gun violence is alive and very well within the system and the PNP continues to use it whenever it suites them. So eager he was to declare that he is now baptized and is totally immersed in the tribal system that he draws on the gun lyrics that seem to be popular among PNP supporters. So, he draws on a well know gun song that glorifies gun violence. Gun violence is now typical of the politics in Westmoreland Central, now making Westmoreland one of the most violent parishes in Jamaica today.
The young MP, wanted to demonstrate how truly fully orientated he is in PNP “badman” politics; wanting so much to impress the elder dinosaurs among the platform speakers and to bring the crowd to a frenzy, made his infamous “badman” announcement that supporters among the crown must to get the “gu”
The NDM declares that we and all Jamaica are tired of that type of political talk on or off the platform. How can that talk educate, uplift and bring mental, social or material benefits to the Jamaican people.
Every day it is as clear as light that the darkness of divisive politics cannot and will not help Jamaica but continue to drag us deeper into the wilderness of despair into which the tribal agenda has taken us.
All Jamaica MUST IMMEDIATELY REJECT that direction. PNP and JLP must STOP and turn from the path of destruction to path of the NDM … HOPE *OPPORTUNITY * DEVELOPMENT * PROGRESS.
Michael Williams
995 5912