Has Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller shamed Jamaica?

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) notes with much consternation the response of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to calls for the dismissal of the beleaguered board of the National Housing Trust arising from the purchase of the Outameni property in Trelawny.

The NDM feels that Jamaicans have been insulted and disrespected by the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint more persons to the said controversial board without any explanation to the people to justify her action.

The NDM is of the view that the Prime Minister, and by extension the People’s National Party, are prepared to put their personal egos and selfish agendas above the national good. “What is good for Jamaica” is subordinate to “what is good for the party and to the individuals in the party”; thus putting Jamaica last.
The NDM has concluded that good governance is at an all-time low or almost non-existent in Jamaica.

“That the Prime Minister has decided not to dismiss the present NHT Board and in the same breath appoints four more persons to the present board, contrary to public outcry, is an indication of the contempt that the Prime Minister appears to hold for ordinary hard working Jamaicans and the belief that she is answerable to no one. By refusing to respond to questions concerning the retention of the beleaguered NHT Board and by her failure to give an explanation of her decision to appoint more persons to that body, the PM has insulted the people of Jamaica and abandoned good governance and civilized conduct”, said the NDM.

Peter Townsend
318 4802/863 1769