The National Democratic Movement is shocked, flabbergasted and dismayed that our Prime Minister in Parliament yesterday (11/11/14) misled the members of the House about the purchase of “Outameni”. The PM said that was the information she was given.
Prime Minister Simpson-Miller said that the information she presented was what she was advised of, which means she could only have been misled by one of her close confidants. The NDM would like to know whose interests were foremost in the minds of those who gave the PM wrong information about the “Outameni” purchase with NHT funds.
The NDM further wants to know: What are the unknown details in the Outamani deal? Who misled the PM? What was really bought and for how much? Why was the PM advised so late after the deal was done? Who benefited the most from that deal?
The NDM is of the view that the ordinary man or woman in the street will know that the purchase of 10 acres of land in Trelawny for 182 million dollars without the buildings does not make sense, (at 18.2 million dollars per acre). However, the NHT board members who said it was the best deal should know what they were thinking when they made such a statement, for whom the transaction was the best deal.
The Movement said that it feels sure that the Outameni purchase was not the best deal for the people of Jamaica and not in the best interests of NHT Subscribers.
Peter Townsend
NDM President
318 4802