The NDM is heartened by the latest Don Anderson opinion poll which revealed that approximately 80% of the Jamaican people are supportive to the idea of a fixed election date, which is a core policy position of the Movement for the past 20 years of its existence and is taking the opportunity to reiterate its call for Constitutional Reform.
The key pillars of the NDM’s Reform Agenda are:
(1) Strict separation of Powers (of the three arms of government: The Executive (Cabinet); the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (the Court/Legal system);
(2) Fixed Election Date;
(3) Term Limit (two terms per Prime Minister).

The NDM has also been calling for the dismantling of political garrisons and for changes to our political culture which touch and concern governance and order.

In a recent TVJ’s Prime Time News report (on 26/01/2016) one of their reporters accredited the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) with the proposal for a fixed date election system in Jamaica.

The NDM is not claiming to be the owner or author of any concept or having a monopoly on any good idea, but just wishes to set the record straight regarding a proposal which it has vigorously advocated and is now being accredited to another organization which had opposed the idea and seems to be only just coming on board out of political expediency. It welcomes the JLP coming on board, to help with its efforts to push for this important change and wished the party (JLP) had helped to bring about the change when they were in office between 2007 and 2011).
Peter Townsend