The National Democratic Movement is very concerned that despite repeated calls from all sectors of the society the dogmatic approach by both the Minister and the Ministry of Health regarding their handling of the current Chikungunya outbreak is alarming.

The limited public education program has still not been fully communicated to every citizen in the country. The Ministry’s poor handling of the shortage of adequate medication for the joint pains, which accompany the illness and the little or no information on how to treat the rashes, has been pathetic.
The NDM is disappointed that the Minister and the Ministry seem to be suppressing the figures regarding the number of cases of Chikungunya existing on the island, seemingly in an attempt to give the world that the government is on top of the situation regarding the virus outbreak.

The NDM called on the Ministry of Health to begin a detailed public education programme now, especially in those western parishes which to-date the ministry has announced no tests to confirm or deny the existence of new cases

The NDM also called on the PM, Mrs Portia Simpson Miller, to outline a plan to the country with regards to the precautions that are being made at our air and sea ports to prevent the introduction of the deadly Ebola disease into Jamaica.

Peter Townsend
318 4802