The Vice President of the National Democratic Movement (NDM), Dr. Apollone Reid, is cautioning Minister Hanna and the PNP-controlled Parliament against changing Jamaica’s abortion laws based on U.S. studies that cannot be generalized, but show mere correlation to reduction in crime and not true association with the real nature of the nation’s criminal problem. Dr. Reid emphasized that the fact that laws are old do not necessarily imply that they are ineffective in safeguarding against the repercussions that could emerge among providers as well as recipients of abortions if inappropriately changed. “We need not catch a cold every time America sneezes,” Dr. Reid stated.


The NDM Vice President asserted that this particular proposed legalization of abortion is an ill-perceived shortcut to repeated governments’ neglect of the “young, poor, unemployed who live in economically and socially deprived communities.” We cannot solve our problems by continuing to “lead the horse by its tail.” She posited that the issues of the marginalized in our population would be more effectively alleviated if government ministers and parliamentarians would follow the example of U.S. President Barack Obama in forfeiting 5% of his salary, and use this for recurrent campaigns aimed at empowering our underserved population. 


Dr. Reid pointed out that studies and projects in the U.S. have identified education and skills training of underserved populations in society as factors having direct association with decrease in crime. Any amendment to this Act related to abortion must be done for the right reasons and must provide safeguards against irresponsible practitioners while ensuring proper regulation, she emphasized. In addition, Dr. Reid highlighted the NDM’s position on the subject, which mandates that because Jamaica is a declared-Christian nation with particular perceived moral standards and because this is an emotive subject, any plan to legalize abortion must be put to the people first and decided in a plebiscite.

 “Let the people decide” 

Apollone Reid, Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration

Vice President – NDM

Contact: 404 518 8206