The National Democratic Movement [NDM] is deeply concerned that the PNP is in an indecent haste to call a general election when the country is in a deplorable state of affairs. The health services, national security, job creation, the economy, the devaluing dollar, poor education system, drought, water lock offs, low agricultural production are among the many of the hardships facing Jamaica. The present PNP government has not kept any of their promises except to the IMF agreement and following the IMF conditions, which are stifling to death the people of Jamaica.

The NDM is saddened to know that a competent doctor, administrator and humanitarian, Dr. Trevor McCarty has resigned from the University Hospital of the West Indies [UHWI]. His resignation seems to be one of the many fall-outs from the infection and deaths of many babies in the hospitals across the island.

The NDM is calling on both the IMF and the Prime Minister to explain to the people of Jamaica why the most important health sector has been starved of funds resulting in a disgraceful “run-down” of health services offered to the people of Jamaica.

It is clear by the actions of the IMF and the Prime Minister that little care and consideration are being given to the peoples’ health. In a sick country, there can be No Good Security, No Good Production, No Good Education, No Good Job Creation and No Good Economic Improvement,

The NDM is very concerned that the IMF and the Prime Minister seem to be in an indecent haste to call a general election one year before it is constitutionally due, before Christmas; even when every important sector is in dire need of repair and improvement. In addition to severe drought and water lock offs, important wages and salary negotiations in the public sector are outstanding.

It is the belief of the NDM that both the IMF’s and the Prime Minister’s focus is to remain in power, at all costs, as the government of Jamaica.

Even at the expense of the health and welfare of the nation.

Yours truly,
Michael Williams
995 5912