The National Democratic Movements strongly condemns the actions and utterances of members of the St. Thomas Parish Council, whom it believes were rude, disrespectful, out of order and insulting to the Jamaica Constabulary Force and in particular the St. Thomas Police.

The NDM called upon the leadership of both the PNP and the JLP to immediately issue the sternest rebuke to their Councillors, for the broadside attack on Law & Order in the parish (by the PNP councillors) and the silence of the JLP Councillors who were present at the Parish Council meeting, which gave many the impression that they agreed with the outrageous verbal abuse of the police.

The NDM commended the St. Thomas Police officers for walking out of the meeting in silence, and has taken note of the treat issued by one of the PNP councillors to get the head police officer for St. Thomas not only transferred but removed from the Police Force. It views such threats as attempts to of political manipulation and interference, and a regular practice by those older political parties.

The NDM called on Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams to resist such political pressures and assured him of the support of the public if he is transparent and decisive in doing the right thing.


Peter Townsend


Contact: 318 4802