The National Democratic Movement (NDM) is most concerned about the recent announcement by the National Water Commission (NWC) that some communities will be receiving piped water twice (2) per week. For example, in the Hope Pasture’s area it is Monday and Saturdays. That is unacceptable! The people who live in all the affected communities cannot do without piped water for long extended periods. In addition, the rains have been falling.


The NWC have clearly lost their main focus and mandated area of interest, which is to serve the people of Jamaica with clean, purified and healthy drinking water. They seem to have forgotten the saying “water is life”


The actions of the NWC recent and now, when they entered into a multibillion contract to find leaks instead of one to harness water demonstrates the short sightedness and lack of understanding of their mandate.  


The NDM contend that more than enough water exist and runs to waste is the three (3) counties of Jamaica; in Cornwall-the Great River; in Middlesex-the Black River and in Surrey- the Rio Grande. That should have been the focus, attention and action of the NWC to harness those sources.


The NDM demands better explanations from the NWC for the severe lack of water in the system and further request to know the reasons why the Yallas pipeline is only carrying one fifth (1/5) of its capacity to the Mona Dam.



Michael Williams

NDM Chairman

995 5912