In light of recent comments by DPP Paula Llewellyn, National Security Minister Peter Bunting and Justice Minister Mark Golding, the National Democratic Movement (NDM) has reiterated that, the Independent Commission for Investigations (INDECOM), as a creature of Parliament does not need any oversight body as it reports to and is accountable to Parliament which should oversee it.
Speaking at a NDM Members’ meeting on Saturday May 30, 2015, NDM President Peter Townsend voiced his concern about what seems to be plans to weaken the powers given to INDECOM by Parliament which would render the organization ineffective, subject to direct and indirect political influence and hence defeat the original purpose for which it was established.
“Instead of reducing the powers of the INDECOM the government should be taking the necessary steps for the Commissioner of Police to be appointed in a similar basis as the Commissioner of INDECOM – i.e., by Parliament to empower him/her to act independently and free from the impediment of supervision by a party politician (Minister of National Security)”, said Mr. Townsend.
The NDM is again calling on the JLP and PNP to disassociate themselves from the One Order and Klansman criminal gangs, thus giving the Police a free hand to go after the gang members. The NDM is also calling again, for changes to the constitution to separate the roles of MPS from that of Ministers of Government, so that MPs can focus on effective representation of their constituents and managing the Parliamentary oversight bodies that are appointed by parliament.
It should be the best minds and competent people who are nominated by the Prime Minister and appointed by parliament to manage ministerial portfolios.
Peter Townsend
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