The National Democratic Movement is calling on Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to immediately declare a public state of emergency for the corporate area and its environs in light of toxic smoke emanating from the city dump at Riverton City.

The NDM also calls on both the Minister of Local Government and the head of NSWMA to step down, as they have displayed gross incompetence in dealing with the Riverton City Dump over the past three years and in particular on this occasion.

The NDM is calling on the government to put all available resources in place to fight the fire in order to stop the hazardous, toxic smoke which is destroying the air quality and endangering the health and lives of tens of thousands of citizens, and further to open up, equip and staff all hospitals and other health centres, to treat the many victims of the noxious fumes & smoke, who are likely to be seeking treatment over the weekend.

The movement lamented that once again the country has paid dearly for incompetence and mismanagement which have robbed the education and productive sector of precious time and money and impaired the health and life expectancy many of our people, who have still not yet recovered from the Chick V crisis.

Peter A. Townsend, LLB (Hons.)
President, National Democratic Movement
Contact: 318 4802