The National Democratic Movement is again calling on the Government to pass on the significant savings on the massive reduction in the world market price of oil, to the people of Jamaica.

The NDM has taken careful note of Minister Paulwell’s recent outburst in his failed attempts to blame the petrol marketing companies for the full savings not passed to the people, while knowing the truth – i.e., it is PetroJam that has been keeping most of the savings.

When the price of US $70.00 per barrel for oil existed in September 2007, diesel fuel was being sold for J$40.00 per litre. Now oil price is down to about US$60.00 per barrel yet the price of diesel fuel is averaging J$127.00 per litre. The international reduction is nearly 45% but locally we are seeing only a 20% reduction in prices.

We are asking the Portia Simpson Miller led Government to immediately give a directive for all the savings to be passed on to the people so that significant reductions in goods and services can accrue to the people to stimulate economic activities not just for Christmas and the New Year but to give the people a respite from the prevailing hardship being experienced by the majority.

Contact Peter Townsend President 318 4802